Barrels upon barrels of Tennessee Whiskey are emptied routinely in a distillery in Columbia, Tennessee. The barrels are left behind with nothing more to do. However, it is what’s left behind that Rob Ramsey, owner of Stonehaus Winery, seeks. You see … the freshly emptied barrels contain moisture and flavor which made the whiskey that was in it. This is a key ingredient to Stonehaus Winery’s special edition of Coal Creek Wine.

“The first time we made Coal Creek Wine, it was so well received that we decided to make even more this time,” says Ramsey. Having only crafted just two barrels the first go around, Stonehaus opted to fill 9 barrels. Inside these barrels, the flavors of Stonehaus Winery’s American Red Zinfandel and Blackberry Summer are blended together for a very port-like wine — with an added twist.

“These barrels have been topped off three times since their initial filling and kept safe in our climate-controlled warehouse,” says Ramsey. “As the wine moves in and out of the fibers of the barrels over the course of 91 days, it picks up the essence of bourbon. We have learned that 91 days is our magic number for getting that perfect amount of bourbon-barrel flavor.” And this sweet wine has a nose to prove it, too. There is a lot of cherry and plum on the nose, and the bourbon smell overlays all of that.

Retailing for $50, these special edition bottles of wine are hand-dipped and stamped one at a time. Care and attention to detail adds to the overall feel of this limited wine, making it a truly wonderful Christmas gift. It’s only available at the winery, online or ordering by phone. You can’t get it anywhere else!