Tennessee Orange Squeeze Wine

A perfect dessert wine and it is also one of the wines, like our Raspberry Mist, that we pair with our homemade chocolate fudge.

I was the first fudge maker here at the winery. It was my first entrepreneurial effort. We make about 6,000 pounds of fudge a year. We’ve got a lot of different flavors, but chocolate’s the one to have with orange. Anyone who’s had those chocolate oranges at Christmas time that you whack against the counter and open up … that’s the flavor you have with our Orange Squeeze and our homemade chocolate fudge.

When you smell this, you get the Citrus right away, but when you taste it, you get a sweetness, but you don’t really get the orange until the finish. Once you swallow it, there it is.  Have a little wine. Get yourself a little piece of chocolate fudge. Pair with the orange. Perfect desert. Cheers!