Now, it’s not everyday you get a major celebrity wanting to make wine at your winery. So, of course we were going to let our friend Aaron Tippin make something special for our customers. With his hit song, Blue Angel, it was an easy decision on what flavor profile he was going to choose. We caught up with him the other day to chat more about it.

Aaron Tippin on His Blueberry Wine

“This is our blueberry. Now, we started thinking about doing this blueberry, we were really hunting for something that none of us had seen a lot of and blueberry just kept coming up and kept coming up,” recalls Aaron Tippin. “Stonehaus Winery had never done a blueberry before, so we were the guinea pigs for that. And boy, so you’re always worried seeing how this is going to turn out. Well, I’m proud to say it turned out very well. We did this blueberry for the first time and gah-lee, I think we were about half excited for the fact that we had the blueberry Blue Angel wine, which is another big hit of mine, and so that was pretty cool. We might have been as excited about the marriage of the song and the wine as we were just the wine, but it turned out perfect. I love that sound. That is so good. Like blueberry cobbler. You’d better come see us. Stonehaus Winery.”

His Blue Angel Blueberry Wine is sold at the winery as well in local grocery and package shops across the state of Tennessee.