Raspberry Mist

Let’s talk about a raspberry mist. Now, this is fun.

One of the more fun things to do here at Stonehaus [Winery] is we pair this with our homemade chocolate fudge. Little known fact to know and tell, I [Rob Ramsey] was the original fudge maker here at Stonehaus. It was my first entrepreneurial effort at Stonehaus. I brought in the fudge. We make around 6,000 pounds a year, so we’re doing something right with it. Now, Kayla is the fudge maker, and I think she’s better at it than I was.

We pair our Raspberry Mist with our homemade chocolate fudge to show that you can pair sweet wines with sweet foods the same way you can dry wine with dinner. Now, what’s really neat about this is that you can have someone who’s a dry wine drinker only who would never drink a sweet wine. We have them taste the fudge first, and once all that sugar and chocolate is in your mouth, this wine is no longer sweet because you’ve already got all that sugar there. So, it just becomes a flavor pairing. So, you end up with a giant raspberry truffle.

Just one of the reasons to come into Stonehaus and do a wine tasting for yourself. Cheers!

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